Have a Cup of Finnish Happiness Envelope Pyramid tea 10x2,5 g

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Follow your ambition and do what you love!

Do what you love and let it show in your tea storage as well. Imagine a wonderful collection of green tea qualities gathered in one package! The colorful tea package has a total of 5 wonderful and different teas, 2 pyramid teabags each.

With pyramid tea bags, brewing a cup of tea is an easy task! Pyramid teabags are made of 100 % biodegradable natural fibres so you can carelessly dispose them to biowaste. The structure of pyramid bag allows for tea leaves to open up properly and to release all the flavours to your cup! 

Orange spruce sprout

Green tea 90 %, orange peel pieces 5 %, spruce sprout 3 %, natural orange flavor 2 %

Matcha Vanilla

White tea 95 %, matcha green tea powder 3 %, natural vanilla flavor 2 %

Organic Ginger-Nettle

Organic green tea 85 %, organic nettle 6 %, organic lemon balm 5 %, organic ginger 3 % and natural flavourings 1 %

Organic Champagne-Strawberry 

Organic green tea 97 %, organic rose petals 1 %, natural rose oil 1 %, natural strawberry flavor 1 %

Organic Pure Green Tea

Organic green Mao Jian tea 60 % (Hunan, China), organic green Sencha tea 40 %

(Hunan China)



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