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Emperor´s Choice Black 1,6kgEmperor´s Choice Black 1,6kg
White Pearl Pomegranate 0,5kgWhite Pearl Pomegranate 0,5kg
White Pearl  Blueberry 0,5kgWhite Pearl  Blueberry 0,5kg
White Pearl with Vanilla 0,5kgWhite Pearl with Vanilla 0,5kg
Golden Monkey Superior  0,5kgGolden Monkey Superior  0,5kg
Vital Energy 1,6kgVital Energy 1,6kg
Pu-Erh White Tea 0,5kgPu-Erh White Tea 0,5kg
Lin Yun White Downy 0,5kgLin Yun White Downy 0,5kg
White Nature  0,5kgWhite Nature  0,5kg
Shuixian Oolong Superior  0,5kgShuixian Oolong Superior  0,5kg
Organic Assam Breakfast Fair Trade  1,6kgOrganic Assam Breakfast Fair Trade  1,6kg
Ti Kuan Yin Organic Superior  0,5kgTi Kuan Yin Organic Superior  0,5kg
Sea-Buckthorn Green tea 1,6kgSea-Buckthorn Green tea 1,6kg
Organic Green Sencha  1,6kgOrganic Green Sencha  1,6kg
Black Oolong  1,6kgBlack Oolong  1,6kg
Pu Ehr Yunnan Classic  1,6kgPu Ehr Yunnan Classic  1,6kg
India Yoga Chai Green Tea 1,6kgIndia Yoga Chai Green Tea 1,6kg
Japanese type sencha  1,6kgJapanese type sencha  1,6kg
Chinese Oolong Ti Kuan Yin 1,6kgChinese Oolong Ti Kuan Yin 1,6kg
Japanese type Dew Drops tea 1,6kgJapanese type Dew Drops tea 1,6kg
Tibet Crown of Tibet 1,6kgTibet Crown of Tibet 1,6kg
Sleepy Tiger 1,6kgSleepy Tiger 1,6kg
Honeybush 1,6kgHoneybush 1,6kg
Honeybush 1,6kg
Rooibos Cream of Desert 1,6kgRooibos Cream of Desert 1,6kg

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