Tea For Mom

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Charming tea for the best mom!

“For you mom, I give this strawberry tea 

To celebrate the love between you and me

There was a time, I didn’t respect you enough

But now I want to spoil you with hugs

Anything I’ll do, to see a smile on your face

So let’s stew this tea and be amazed by the taste!”

Tea For Mom is a charmingly strawberry-flavoured black tea, which fits to every tea lover’s taste. Tea’s flavour is enhanced with rose petals to add a flowery twist to strawberry taste. Roses are a common Mother’s Day gift, so including rose petals to this tea was a must!

Not only does this tea nurse your mom’s tastebuds, but also her health. Black tea’s antioxidants help to increase cognitive thinking and reduce cholesterol.

Black tea, Strawberry bits, Rose petals, natural flavours

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