Paradise Sen Cha

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Tasty trip to the tropic!

 It is a cold and dark winter day. Flavours of sweet summer are only a distant memory. You crave for something that would bring light to this never-ending darkness. To this need, we created Paradise Sen Cha green tea, which’s tropical flavours will cure even the deepest melancholy caused by lack of light. 

Paradise Sen Cha has been one of our most loved green teas for a long time, and not without a reason! In this drink, you’ll find everything you could wish for in a fruity green tea. Paradise Sen Cha’s enchanting taste is a mix of passion fruit, kiwi fruit, pineapple and orange. This fruit cocktail is further enhanced with rose petals, which bless the tea with a flowery twist. 

This verdant drink contains L-theanine, which is shown to reduce stress and to better mood. L-theanine acts as a balancing force to the natural caffeine of green tea, creating sensation of relaxed concentration. 

PS. This tea is great choice for home-made iced teas and for alcohol-free punch!

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