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White tea pearls in harmony with smooth vanilla. 

High-quality hand picked tea leaves are dried in outside air and rolled into pearl-shaped balls. White tea pearls are shipped to our tea factory where they are spiced with vanilla flavour. Vanilla’s smoothness and little sweetness goes perfectly along with mellow tasting herb-like white tea.

Due to minimised processing, white tea is the healthiest tea type there is. It contains caffeine, but not too much to cause restlessness even for sensitive consumer. Thanks to low caffeine, this tea can be used also as an evening tea. Drop pearls to steaming hot water and watch as the leaves open up beautifully while they sink to the bottom of the cup. Simply enchanting!

Silvery green drink is mellow and it has a herb-like floweriness in its taste. Added vanilla flavour complements white teas natural taste without overthrowing it. 

White tea is a great choice, when you’re trying to lose weight, since it boosts metabolism. Especially when the leaves are rolled into pearls, all the beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants and cathechins, are preserved as pure as possible. 

White tea, natural flavour

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