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The best tea infuser in the market. Made from stainless steel the Easy filter has a lot of space for the tea leaves to open. That is why you will get all the flavor from your precious leaves. It has razor-thin holes so not even the tiniest fragments of leaves will end up in your tea after the tea brewing progresses. 

The Easy-tea filter is completely dishwasher safe and fits perfectly for any hasty morning session. It is also a great addition to your workplace if you want to have a great peaceful tea moment in the midst of all the rush. Especially for Rooibos tea , this tea strainer has gotten plenty of praise because rooibos goes through most tea strainers but not this one.. 

Set your tea filter to a cup or a pot. Add some tea leaves. Pour some hot water over your leaves (temperature might vary with different types of tea.) Brew the tea according to the type. Then take the infuser out. You can also brew more tea with the same leaves to get a wider spectrum of flavors. When you are ready you can easily tap the leaves to the nearest organic waste bin. After that, you can rinse it with some tap water, and voila.

6cm wide sieve part. Width with the handles 9.5 cm and depth 6.5 cm. Fits perfectly for example to regular Moomin mugs. Also, it fits most of the teapots in the market. Still, you should make sure the dimensions are correct for your very own teapot or mug. If you have a huge mug check out our other great tea strainer: Handy. Doesn’t take much space in your cabinet.

Producer: Aaro Forsman Oy

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