BOX 1: Your Trusted Co-Manufacturing Partner

      • Adding Value: At Forsman Tea, we elevate every cup with our unmatched expertise in tea manufacturing. Since 1979, we've been crafting exquisite tea experiences, ensuring that each sip reflects our commitment to excellence.
      • Trusted Legacy: Rooted in decades of trust and reliable partnerships, Forsman Tea stands as a beacon of quality and enduring service. Our longevity in the industry is a testament to our dedication to your satisfaction.
      • Premium Quality: As a leader in the tea industry, Forsman Tea consistently delivers superior products. We focus on premium-quality tea that enriches lives and offers a genuine taste of luxury, without competing on volume.

BOX 2: Forsman’s Story

      • Discover the rich heritage and innovative spirit of Forsman Tea. Our journey from a humble beginning to becoming a revered name in tea tells a story of passion, quality, and excellence. Let us take you through our world of fine teas where every leaf tells a story.


      • Exceptional Quality: Our commitment to the highest quality standards is evident in every packet of Forsman Tea. We source the finest ingredients directly, ensuring a pure, unblended taste that tea lovers cherish.
      • Innovative Blends: Keeping pace with global trends, we incorporate exotic and local Nordic ingredients, like wild berries and herbs, creating blends that are both unique and traditional.
      • Tea Expertise: At Forsman Tea, our expertise goes beyond ordinary. We specialize in crafting not just tea, but experiences, ensuring each blend is perfect and tailored to connoisseur expectations.


    • Scalable Solutions: Whether you're a small boutique or a large retailer, our scalable production capabilities ensure that we meet your needs efficiently, maintaining the same high standards regardless of order size.
    • Certified Excellence: Our production processes are certified to meet the most stringent international standards, ensuring each batch of Forsman Tea is nothing but the best.