International teahouse with the roots deep in the Finnish soil

Forsman in international teahouse exporting tea to more than 15 countries. During the 1990's we made the decision to target the international tea market. We achieved great success especially in Russia where our tea got relatively big fame soon. Russians fall in love with our tea and especially Keisarin Malja /Emperors Choic e has become a great success story. This story has, however not ended and Russians still love our tea and their all time favorite Keisarin Malja.

Forsman has not ended being international. We have been able to create a big international network and nowadays you can find Forsman tea in more than 10 countries in Europe. However, during the past few years we have been focusing on improving the tea culture and tea knowledge in Finland and other Nordic countries which are traditionally "coffee countries". Tea culture has been taking huge steps in the past years in Finland and other Nordic countries and we have been one of the reasons for that development (of course there are plenty of other Actors who have been working towards the same goal with us). However we know that we are just in the beginning of our work and there are plenty of people who have not yet found how amazing product tea is.

In the future we want to be a strong player internationally but also domestically. Our vision is to keep focusing on exports but at the same time build a stronger tea culture in Finland. We believe that these two goals are both achievable and support each other.

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