Chai Latte 60g

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The world of Indian flavors in your tea mug!

A tea blend combining the flavors of India, which, when drunk with milk, crowns the day after day. The spicy flavor combination reduces your cholesterol level and improves your cognitive brain function.

India is one of the top countries in the tea world. It produces the second most tea right after China. So this tea wonderland knows how to produce the perfect strong black tea base for Chai tea. The secret of the delightful combination is the perfect balance of cardamom, vanilla, coconut, black pepper and chili. Chai Latte is surprisingly gentle, and especially with milk it's charming.

Black tea 83%, mate 9%, coconut flakes 6% and natural aroma (cardamom, vanilla, coconut, black pepper, chili) 2%

Teemu the cat thanks and acknowledges ;)

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