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Classic Earl Gray from Fair Trade farms!

Forsman's Earl gray is made with high-quality Chamraj black leaf tea picked from the Nilgiri mountain region. Only the uppermost tea leaves on the branches qualify for the TGFOP quality class, because they are the youngest and thus the tastiest!

Chamraj Earl Gray is rich and distinctive in taste due to its high-quality ingredients. Often Earl Gray is bag tea, Irto- / Pussitee_Pussiteätä, which means that the leaves are not always from the freshest end and can contain a lot of branches of the tea bush.

In TGFOP quality class tea, the shape of the leaf is narrow. As a flavor, Earl Gray is often thought of as a base and a common misconception is that it is unflavored in its own right.

At Forsman, Earl Gray is made in the classic style by flavoring black tea with bergamot oil . The drink itself is dark and slightly citrusy.

Few people know that bergamot is a citrus tree that is grown mainly in Italy and North Africa. Bergamot oil, which is the fruit's main growing purpose, is obtained specifically by pressing the rind of the bergamot fruit.

PS: You get more lemoniness and freshness when you add a slice of lemon to the finished Earl Grey!

Black tea and bergamot oil.

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