Citrus Adventure 60g

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An adventure you won't forget

Citrus Seikkailu is a fresh lemony green tea that combines the best aspects of the flavors and health effects of lemon and green tea into one bright whole.

This fruity lemon bomb is enriched with a touch of bergamot oil, which softens the strong taste of the lemon. Citrus adventure, as the name suggests, contains another citrus fruit, the orange. The orange brings its own nuance, which perfectly complements the freshness of the lemon.

The tea in question is made on a green Gun Powder tea base. Gun Powder is an excellent green tea rolled into small balls that open into large leaves in hot water. The name comes from the shape of the leaves. This green tea contains more L-theanine , which creates a feeling of pleasure, than many other green teas. It reduces stress and calms the mood.

Green tea, lemon grass, lemon peel pieces, lemon, orange and bergamot oil.

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