Gen Mai Cha 60g

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Ancient Rice Tea

A tea blend produced according to the old Japanese peasant tradition. In feudal Japan, tea was an expensive food, but everyone still drank it every day. In order to save money, a peasant elsewhere came up with the idea of ​​continuing his green tea with roasted rice, Gen Mai, which tastes nutty sweet when brewed alone. The result was Gen Mai Cha, which the entire peasantry went crazy for. The flavor works really well even today!

Forsman's Genmaicha it tastes nutty rich thanks to the roasted rice and green tea. The taste has also been compared to popcorn, and therefore Genmaicha is also known as popcorn in different contexts. Because of the roasted rice, the tea quality is lower in caffeine than other green teas.

Green sencha, roasted rice.

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