Gun Powder green tea 100g

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AN EXPLOSIVE tea classic!

Gun Powder is a very famous Chinese green tea with a long history. The production of Gun Powder started already at the end of the 6th century. The leaves are rolled into balls resembling gunpowder, from which the tea gets its name. Still referring to the name, the taste is also strong and slightly smoky. In the cup, Gun Powder is yellowish green.

After picking, the leaves are steamed before shaping. Steaming stops the oxidation of the tea and guarantees a beautiful green color. Gun Powder is tightly rolled, so its aromas last much longer than unrolled green tea. Rolling also makes the tea physically more durable.

Green tea has a lot of flavonoids and L-theanine. They help with stress, calm and improve concentration. L-theanine also produces a feeling of pleasure. Green tea helps stomach function and speeds up digestion. Gun Powder actually has more theanine than other green teas, so it's more invigorating. Gun Powder is a popular drink among athletes.

Chinese unflavored green Gunpowder tea.

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