Hibiscus Natural 60g

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Hibiscus Natural is a decoction made from roselle ( Hibiscus sabdariffa ) , a close relative of the Chinese rose, which makes delicious warm and cold drinks! Hibiscus originally comes from West Africa, where it has grown wild. Its taste is fresh and sour. Naturally caffeine-free, the drink is suitable for every moment of the day.

The characteristic color of the drink made from hibiscus is a beautiful red. Its taste is sour and tangy. The added sweetness from, for example, sugar or honey is perfect for the tangy taste.

Hibiscus can be brewed like traditional tea in warm water, making it perfect to enjoy as a soothing evening tea, for example. In addition to warm comfort, hibiscus makes a heavenly iced tea! Today, hibiscus is especially popular in the Caribbean, where fresh iced tea made from it is commonly called Jamaican water.

Hibiscus Natural contains only hibiscus petals. Petals naturally contain a lot of, for example, vitamin C, iron, magnesium and calcium.

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