Ginger Lemon pyramid tea

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Classic flavor combination with real lemon pieces!

A classic of black teas, familiar to many Ginger Lemon tea. Large pieces of orange and lemon have been used a lot, not forgetting lemongrass and ginger. A safe choice for flu season!

Black Ginger Lemon tea is perfect for a cheerful summer morning. Ginger gives strength right from the morning and lemon refreshes wonderfully. In terms of taste, ginger-lemon is an approachable and balanced entity. Even though more than 6 percent of ground ginger has been added, it does not control the flavor field. The lemon pieces and the slightly sweeter orange pieces balance the strong taste of the ginger and the acidity brought by the lemon.

Forsman's version of this classic flavor stands out clearly because of the authentic ingredients. When you take the pyramid bag out of the package, you immediately see the big pieces of citrus fruits and lemon grass. Lemongrass is complemented by lemon verbena, which improves the multidimensionality of the lemon flavor. A little sour at first and wonderfully sweet at the end. If you need more sweetness or the flu has taken you by surprise, honey works as an excellent side dish!

Black tea 80%, ginger 6%, lemon grass 5%, lemon verbena 3%, orange pieces 2.5%, lemon pieces 2.5%, natural aroma

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