Japanese-style Dewdrop 60g

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Unflavored green tea that cleanses the body

The Japanese-style Kastepisara is a green tea that is grown in China and processed using Japanese methods. The leaves are rolled into a dewdrop shape. The refined taste of the tea is fresh and aromatic. The drink in the cup is yellowish green.

After picking, the whole leaves are steamed before shaping. Steaming stops the oxidation of the tea and guarantees a beautiful green color. The dew drop is rolled, so its aromas last much longer than unrolled green tea. Rolling also makes the tea physically more durable. After brewing, you will notice that the dewdrop-shaped balls have turned into whole tea leaves in your sieve.

Green tea has a lot of flavonoids and L-theanine. They help with stress, calm and improve concentration. L-theanine also produces a feeling of pleasure. Green tea helps stomach function and speeds up digestion. Dewdrop and rolled green teas generally have more theanine than other green teas, so it's more invigorating.

Chinese green tea made with Japanese methods.

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