Cafe box C | 20 x 2.5g | - pyramid tea

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The price includes 2 tea boxes.
One box contains 20 individually packed pyramid tea bags.
    • Organic green unflavored superfood tea 4 pcs
    • Organic Keemu black flavored tea 4 pcs
    • Organic Love of Roses green flavored tea 4 pcs
    • Ginger Lemon black flavored tea 4 pcs
    • Rooibos Desert cream caffeine-free flavored herbal tea 4 pcs

    Are you tired of the same boring and same coffee shop packaging?

    Now Forsman offers top-class tea in a matte black elegant tea package. This package is suitable for a cafe that wants to stand out and offer only the best to its customers. The packaging itself is completely manufactured and packed in Finland. The pyramid bag and envelope are naturally plastic-free and biodegradable.

    So take the tea offering of your cafe or workplace to a whole new level with Forsman's top-quality Envelope options, your customers will certainly quote these pyramid teas!

    Note, you can fill this tea box with different qualities by ordering the qualities you want in convenient 30-piece refill boxes.

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