Licorice-fennel pyramid tea

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A completely calorie-free sweet craving eliminator.

Licorice tea won't leave anyone cold because it contains real licorice root! This strong black tea also has fennel to complement the taste and aroma. Our licorice tea has found its way into the consciousness of young people and licorice lovers!

The licorice root contained in licorice tea is a well-studied medicinal plant. It has been found to be comprehensive in its health effects. For example, it helps with weight control and revs up the metabolism. Favorable effects are also found on the digestive system, resistance and joints.

Forsman's pyramid bags are made of completely biodegradable, tasteless and non-allergenic natural fiber. So you can enjoy your tea without worrying about microplastics and disposing of the bag!

Black tea 75%, licorice root 15%, fennel seed 7.5%, licorice extract 2.5%

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