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Calming the mind that goes into overdrive

Rosehip camomile has a naturally caffeine-free herbal infusion that is especially suitable for evening enjoyment. Naturally produced rosehip and chamomile taste herbal and berry-like. The drink does not contain tannic acids, so it does not form tannins that cause bitterness. That is why it is also suitable for longer brewing.

Our pyramid bags give the herbs room to brew so that they fully release their flavor. Through the bag, you can see how whole chamomile flowers and rosehip bark meet the hot water, releasing their natural aroma and taste into your cup. Our pyramid bags are made from the inedible part of the corn, which makes them 100% biodegradable. So you can safely put the bags in bio waste after use.

The inherent caffeine-freeness and soft taste of the brew make it a great evening tea. Chamomile has been found in several studies to calm and facilitate sleep. This stew is also suitable for the smallest in the family!

Organic rosehip 70%, organic chamomile 28%, natural aroma

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