Ming 1000ml

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Color: lilac/gold

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Equipped with beautiful floral designs, Ming is a cast iron teapot for people who enjoy their tea in style. The preheated cast iron pot keeps the tea warm for a long time. You will have time to admire the pan for longer, while the tea remains perfect!

A liter jug ​​is enough to drink for several revelers. The pot contains a strainer made of stainless steel, into which the tea is easily dispensed.

The enameled surface naturally repels dirt and bacteria, making the product easy to wash by hand. Cast iron pans do not need to be washed with soap. It is enough to rinse the jug with boiling hot water. Pour off the water and let the jug steam dry without the lid.

The height of the pan is 11.5 cm and the diameter of the base is 9.5 cm. Weight 1.81kg.

The diameter of the sieve is 9cm and the depth is 6cm.

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