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When you arrive home after a long day, take a moment for yourself

Pleasant herbal green organic tea relaxes and refreshes. The taste is a nice combination of ginger, nettle and lime, made in collaboration with one of Finland's biggest wellness blogs, Hidasta iläää!

Organically grown tea contains exotic spices. We have chosen green sencha, familiar to many, as the tea base. The majority are also familiar with nettle, ginger and lime, which mainly dominate this whole. Last but not least, you can find the herbs ylang ylang and maidenhair tree!

Ylang Ylang is an herb unknown to many. It has been found to have favorable effects, e.g. to psychosomatic symptoms, i.e. it calms and calms even the most stormy mind. Ylang ylang is the most often used name for the herb, but the Finnish translation is actually ylang ylang or herbal ylang ylang. Rohtoilangia has also been called "love flower" because it is said to promote sexual arousal.

Maiden's hair or Gingko is another of the exotic herbs contained in Ota Hetki Itselle tea. It is one of the oldest tree species in the world and it adapts well to many environments. It has been used as an herb in traditional Chinese medicine. The maidenhair tree has been found to have beneficial effects, e.g. for revitalizing blood circulation and metabolism.

Hidasta Elämää is Finland's largest well-being-related media, which has been actively producing content since 2007. The fundamental purpose of the Hidasta Elämää sites is to produce comprehensive well-being in people's lives by sharing tips and developing new products. Ota Hetki Itselle tea is an excellent and tasty example of a successful product! Tea was developed with Sanna Wikström, another founding member of the site.

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