Dayeh Kino Green Cake 357g tea cake

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Dayeh Kino Green Cake is a raw or Sheng puerh tea cake. Its leaf material was harvested in 2003 and pressed into cake in 2007. The material originally comes from Gaoshan, Fujian, but has been processed into cakes in a Yunnan puerh factory.

Sheng puerh is an ancient type of tea that has been brewed by ethnic groups in China's Yunnan province for perhaps thousands of years. Shou, or mature puerh, was originally developed to imitate the well-aged Sheng puerh. Raw puerh is the closest to green tea in terms of processing. However, it should not be brewed like green tea, and the taste does not resemble it at all. Aging changes the taste decisively.

Puerh resembles green tea when young, but darkens with age and becomes more pungent. This tea is in the middle of its aging. Its color is orange-yellowish, and its smell is strongly aromatic, floral and nectar-like. The taste is bright and has a slight bitterness that softens and deepens over time. An aromatic tea with floral, grainy and honey tones.

Dayeh Kino Green Cake Pu-Erh tastes sweetly tangy and fruity in its own way. The mouthfeel is pleasantly dry, just like a dry white wine.

A small piece of the tea cake is broken off with a knife or a fork. The recommendation is approx. 3g/2dl. First pour a little boiling water over the piece for about 10 seconds and then pour it away. The water rinses and opens the piece and makes the drinkable brews taste softer. Simmer 30s-3 min in 100-degree water by taste. Boil the same leaves many times. Usually the third or fourth brew tastes best.

Raw pu-erh lowers is a real antioxidant bomb. Pu-erh is a popular meditation tea due to its simultaneous calming and stimulating effects.

Pu-Erh likes slightly more humid, dark and cool storage. 69% humidity is ideal for puerh. Its package is deliberately spaced out to allow air to circulate. The top cabinet in the kitchen, which is rarely opened, is a good enough storage space for raw pu-erh.

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