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Sympathetic gift box exuding arctic spirit!

The fresh Arctic spirit gift box combines WWF's values, a sympathetic appearance and functionality. The gift set is suitable, for example, for a beginner tea drinker and/or someone interested in environmental issues, and it contains everything needed to make loose tea.

We also know very well that Christmas is limited, so there are no Christmas teas in the gift box! The recipient can enjoy the tea as a gift all year round without worry.

Organic Green Loose Tea Lemon Ginger 100g

Organically grown Chinese sencha, pieces of lemon peel, ginger root and natural aroma.

Organic Black Earl Gray Juniper 100g

Organic black tea, juniper berry grist, natural bergamot aroma and rosemary needles.

Total package:

  • 2 x 100g loose tea
  • 1 x ball tea strainer

Forsman is one of Finland's largest importers of organic teas. Making organically produced tea qualities available to Finnish tea drinkers is of paramount importance. By buying organic teas, you support the best practices in terms of the environment and climate, among others: enabling wide biological diversity, saving natural resources and animal welfare. Above all, by supporting, you will continue to guarantee the availability of high-quality organic products for Finnish consumers.

This gift box is the result of work and professionalism, made in Finland for Finnish taste. The teas come to us from their countries of origin without intermediaries. Upon arrival at the Vantaa tea factory, we prepare, season and pack the tea qualities with forty years of experience.

In addition to Finnish work, we also share responsibility with WWF's values. We have already started cooperation in 2019. We have chosen the protection of Arctic nature as the aid target of this Gift Package. We donate 40 cents from every gift box purchased to WWF for arctic nature protection and climate work. Even though the world won't change in an instant, we want to support more sustainable development with our activities, one small piece at a time.

Cardboard wrapping for cardboard recycling, tea bags for mixed waste, where they are burned and used for energy. Cellophane bag for plastic recycling. I make the leaves into bio waste.

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