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Cafeine-free stress reliever for good night sleep

Anti-Stress is a relaxing herb infusion loved by many. It’s taste bud tingling sour taste and beautiful colour takes your mind off from days stress and ensures relaxation. Infusion’s sour taste comes naturally from hibiscus plant on which it is based on. Natural sourness is complemented with aromas from lemongrass, jasmine flowers and dried pineapple. These organic spices add a hint of sweetness for relaxing taste experience.

When infused, Anti-Stress’ red wine-like colour invites to taste this steaming hot delight. Forsman tea are know for their own sophisticated recipes and exquisite ways of spicing their teas and infusions. This cafeine-free stress reliever makes no exception to the tradition of well thought and perfected tea products. 

If you are in for a refreshing, yet nerve soothing treat, take this product to be a part of your daily relaxation ritual! You can observe the stewing of your hibiscus-based infusion, certain that it will soon blow your worries away and leave you with a sensation of peacefulness.

In this product, you will not find any cafeine or theanine! This ensures, that you can enjoy this product as much as you like, without having to worry about overdriving stimulants.

Hibiscus 50%, rose hip 20%, lemongrass 10%, rose petals 2%, jasmine flower 4%, dried pineapple 10%, natural flavour 4%

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