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This tea will make you sleep like a baby.

This tea will relax your mind and body and make it easier to fall asleep. It is an excellent tea right before you go to bed. It will make you forget the troubles and worries of the day so you can truly be in peace. 

This herbal tea has numerous herbs that will pacify your body and mind. It also has rooibos which is a naturally caffeine-free South African herb. The combination of camomile, lavender, and a bit of breezy lemon makes an incredibly mellow experience. After this mind-boggling tea, you will fall asleep like a rock with a smile on your face. Tea with passion for over 40 years.

You can't find any caffeine nor theanine in our sleep tea. So you can happily drink this wonderful drink without overstimulating your body. After this tea, you can head for the hills of dreams without any worries.

green rooibos 70 %, lemon verbana 8 %, levander 5 %, lindenflower 5%, liquorice root 3 %, camomile 3 %, heather 2%, valerian root 2%, natural lemon aroma.


1 tsp / 2 dl 90-100°C 5-10 min

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