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With ceramic teapot you’ll steep black tea for morning’s refreshment or rooibos to lull you to sleep at night. No matter your taste in tea, this teapot is always a reliable choice. Traditionally beautiful design makes Metsä teapot a perfect addition to every tea lover’s set. 

Included infuser, made from high-quality stainless steel, makes it easy to steep tea in this pot. Design of spout eases the serving so tea ends up in the cup, and not spill all over the table.

Volume of 900ml enable fair amount of tea for your and your guest’s needs. We also sell 600ml version of this same pot, which is perfect for steeping smaller serving of your favourite tea delicacy. 

Teapot’s dimensions: height 13,5cm, diameter of base 7,5cm, weight 663g.

Infuser’s dimensions: diameter 7cm, height 8,3cm

Dimensions of package: 20,5 x 14,6 x 14,6cm. Weight 898g

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