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An all-time favorite and an excellent choice as a flue season tea.

Black ginger tea has tons of real ginger powder that assures its healthiness. Its lovely taste is recognizable even if you're blindfolded. Tea and ginger combined create an astonishing combination that brings out the best of both worlds to this incredible drink.  The flavor is surprisingly smooth while still having some kick to it that naturally comes from ginger. 

This tea is made with a firm Ceylon black tea foundation. It is slightly invigorating due to the theanine that black tea naturally has. Fortunately, theanine isn't as fast impacting as regular caffeine so you won't be overstimulated.

When poured into the cup you can't confuse this tea with any other. The intensity of flavors is luckily balanced out with a bit of bergamot oil that smooths out the flavor charmingly.

Ginger has tons of beneficial capabilities. It for example improves your metabolic activity and is great for the health of your joints. If your feeling feverish this tea can single-handedly make your day significantly better.

Brew this wonderful tea whenever you want to feel good. So measure 2 teaspoons to 2-3 deciliters of water. The temperature of the water should be around 95 degrees celsius. Brew this black tea for 3-5 minutes to get the ultimate flavor.

PS: You can add a bit of honey or some lemon slices to enhance the flavor even more. This tea also tastes great as an ice tea.


1tl/2dl 90-100°C 3-5 min

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