Fairtrade Emperor's Pearl Ginger

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Luxurious, ginger flavoured, Emperor’s Pearl is an unforgettable experience!

Observe, how the white tea leaves, rolled into tight pearls, open beautifully in your cup as they make contact with hot water. Pearls release all the white tea’s healthy nutrients to the water, as well as the stunning flavours from ginger and lemon. 

Highest quality white teas are grown in fresh, high altitude, mountain air. Tea leaves are rolled in tight pearls, so the exposed surface of the leaf is minimised. This is done in order to preserve the flavour as pure as possible. Leaves are sun-dried, but after that no further processing is done to them. Due to less processing, compared to green- and black tea, white tea is the healthiest of these three. 

Emperor’s Pearl Ginger has beautiful big leaves from which you can easily see the high quality. Fairtrade certificate on the package ensures, that this tea is produced in a socially responsible way. Let yourself be charmed by the balance between pure freshness of the white tea and sophisticated flavours from ginger and lemongrass. 

White tea, ginger, lemon grass

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