Organic Yerba Mate Mint-Parsley Pyramid Tea

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Natures very own energy drink!

Yerba Mate is a perfect shedder of tiredness and destroyer of unproductiveness! Yerba Mates naturally high content of caffeine wakes you up gentler than coffee. Due to slower absorption of caffeine found in yerba, it enables longer lasting sensation of energy. This, combined with refreshing aromas from mint and parsley, ensures that you will start your day full of life!

Yerba Mate is full of natures own antioxidants which help the body to maintain its health. Antioxidants reduce oxidation of body’s cells and can even help to fight diseases such as heart disease and certain cancers.

Our pyramid bags are perfect for those who want to brew their tea quickly and with ease, without compromising the natural taste of the product. Spacious bags leave room for tea to release all of its flavours to the steaming hot water. With 100% biodegradable materials, bags are easily disposed in a eco-friendly way!

Mint and parsley flavoured organic yerba mate is perfect for those mornings, when you need a extra kick to get you going! For example it could save your day, when last nights partying has left you with a pounding head and immense tiredness. With this product waking up and pulling yourself together becomes a little easier task.


Organic yerba mate 70%, Organic mint leaves 28%, Organic parsley 2%

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