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Surrender to the ecstasy of Hot Dance!

Yerba is a symbol of friendship, and a way to share a moment. Hot Dance’s taste really does feel like it is dancing on you tongue, filling you with dulcet warmness. In this product, traditional Yerba is spiced by roasting some of the leaves and by adding marigold- and cornflower petals.

Hot Dance is designed for nordic taste and therefore it is unsurprisingly one of the most sold yerba products in retail. By adding roasted yerba to the blend, the taste is smoother and gentler than it would be just with dried yerba. Flowers add a playful fruity twist to the taste.

This Yerba is best consumed together with friends and family! It is approachable, smooth and it doesn’t scare away unexperienced yerba drinker from this traditional South American drink. It also wakes you up with its natural caffeine. Get ready to be blown away by this yerba!

Green Yerba Mate 78%, roasted Yerba Mate 18%, marigold 1%, cornflower 1%, natural flavours form passion fruit, mango and pineapple

Our Yerba Mate is from Brazilian producers without middlemen. The Farm is located in region of Parana in Brazil, where Yerba-trees are grown approximately 700 meters up from the sea level. When yerba is ready to be picked, it is collected and sent straight to the Finnish factory.

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