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Pu-Erh tea is a famous Chinese post-fermented and usually aged type of tea. Pu Erh is its own tea type, not black tea like some may claim. There are two sub-categories of Pu Erh: Ripe (Shou in Chinese), and raw (Sheng in Chinese). This cake is ripe. After picking of leaves, Pu Erh is processed like other teas, but before drying, the leaves are pressed into desired shape.

At this point, the cakes are made either into Sheng or Shou. Sheng cakes are just placed into storage, whole Shou cakes are heated up by roasting or steaming. After processing, the cakes are placed into special storage and left to age and ferment, usually for multiple years.

The result is usually a very earthy, fruity flavour. Contrary to other tea types, Pu Erh never goes bad due to age. It just gets slowly better. That's why Pu Erh is sometimes called "The wine of the tea world." The oldest and rarest, multiple decade old cakes can fetch tens thousands euro in auction! 

Pu Erh Tuocha tastes fruity and smokey with a hint of vanilla. The mouthfeel is thick and warming.  

Pu-erh lowers cholesterol very efficiently. Thanks to the fermentation process it contains loads of nutrients that aid stomach and heart. It also gives the feeling of being sated and shields the veins from harm. Pu Erhs are popular teas for meditation due to their simultaneous calming and energizing effect.

100°C 1-5 min

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