Finnish Teahouse - Almost 40 years of sales premium teas

Aaro Forsman Oy (Forsman tea) is a Finnish teahouse founded in 1979. Forsman pacs and seasons its teas in its own tea factory in Vantaa, Finland. Forsman tea has also its own factory outlet where the whole selection of the teaproducts is awailable for the customers. The selection of different teas is huge and there are more than 500 different teas in the Factory outlet.

The selection of Forsman tea includes some of the finest teas in the world as well as classics of the tea world. From Forsman you can also find some unique way seasoned teas which you might not find anywhere else. Good examples of that kind of teas are for example Mango-Melon green tea and Sea-Buckthorn tea. 

"All our teas are hand blended with great passion and curiosity towards new tastes"

In the Forsman selection there are green and black teas, white teas, yellow teas as well as oolong teas. Examples of the finest teas in the variaty are tea world classics such as Darjeeling and Assam. Forsman has also the most famous teas like  Mao Hunan.

Forsman has long tradition of flavoring its teas. You can fird such traditional flavored teas as Chai Latte and Earl Grey form the Forsman variety. However there are many more unique way flavored teas such as Liqourice tea or Russian Samovar Blend.

Forsman has also many different kind of hearb teas like Rooibos, Yerba mate, Honeybush or Hibiscus. Those you can find with the flavored or unflavored versions. Variation includes also many Free Trade and organic teas.

Forsman tea believes that the best tea taste comes only from the fresh tea leaves. That is why Forsman imports tea directly from the tea farms. This is the way how Forsman is able to maintain high quality and secure that the tea is always filling the high quality standards. Forsman is also playing fair game with the tea farms and has greated strong relationship wihtin the years for the tea producers.

During the history of Forsman tea it has become a strong player in the Finnish tea trade. The brand is well known and Finnish customers know and trusth on the brand. Forsman tea is known also internationally and it has gained a good rebutation among the tea lovers in Europe and Russia. Forsman tea has also been revarded from the work of creating the tea culture in Finland.

The famous Forsman teas are flavored and packed in the Forsman tea factory in the South of Finland. Forsman tea recepieas have developed during the company existence and new tea recepies are developed constantly. Forsman tries always to find new ways how to offer its customers the best tea experience of their life.

Basic information:

Forsman tea was founded in 1979. CEO of the company is Ari Santamäki. His both sons Aarne and Lauri Santamäki are keen tea lovers and taking part on company actions too. Forsman tea Factory and factory outlet can be found from the same address: Suokalliontie 7, 01740 Vantaa.