Forsman tea factory is located in Vantaa, in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Our tea factory is one of the biggest tea factories in the Northern Europe and we both pack and flavor our teas in the tea factory. The factory outlet is one of the biggest premium tea shops in Nordic countries. The whole selection of Forsman tea is available in the store too.

"To ensure the high quality tea we import all our teas directly from the farmers"   Tea is imported for example from India, Sri Lanka, China and Vietnam. The tea production starts when the  the "base tea" is picked (selected) from the warehouse. Finding tea from the warehouse is not a problem since all the teas have their own place in the shelves.

In the next step we start making the tea. First tea has to pass the strict quality control. All the tea goes through very precise quality control where the leaf size is analysed as well as the other quality facts. Typically the quality of the "base tea" is high and the work is mainly monitoring that the tea fills the Forsman tea own requirements. Sometimes some smaller or bigger leaves are removed as well as midribs. In case some some ingredients are added to the tea those ingredients go through the same type of quality control. In this phase flavored tea gets also its flavours by natural oils and fruit pieces and different kind of aromas. In case you are interested about flavouring the tea watch our production video.

When the tea has gone through the quality check it is guided to the tea mixers where the tea leaves and fruit pieces are mixed together. After that we add our special aromas and oils to tea. We use mainly natural aromas, to get the real and rich taste to our tea product. The taste is the secret for our products.

Next step is the packing process. We pack our teas in four different lines. We have  60g and 100g packing line and 1,6kg wholesale packing line. The most recent packing line for us is the eco pyramid bag machinery. That gives us opportunity to offer our premium loose leaf products to tea baggers (tea bag drinkers) too.

When the tea has passed the quality check it is packed. In the picture we can see how the packed Forsman tea travels forward in the conveyor line. Small tea packs (60 g) are packed into 12 pcs boxes which are then stored in the warehouse and later delivered for the ratailers. Both of the packaging lines is highly automatised, still monitored and controlled all the time. Typically two person operate (60 g package) packaging line: Other one "runs" the machine while other one monitors the whole process and feeds the packaging material for the line.

Forsman tea delivers more than over a million tea packages annually. In the warehouse every tea has it own place based on its product number. Most of the Forsman tea production is exported to different European coutries and Russia.

Warehouse manager Petri is responsible of the tea production as well as warehouse operation. The work of warehouse manager is very hectic and sometimes stressful (especially in the high season). However the positive feedback from the customers and retailers make the work very rewarding and that puts smile on his face.

We have our own Factory  shop which is one of the biggest tea shops in the Nordic countries. The whole selection of Forsman producs is available in the teashop. Teashop can be described as the paradise of every tea lover. Welcome for a visit❤️