Fair trade Keisarin Malja Green Tea 60g

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A light tea blend created for the noble taste of the tsarist era

The taste world of the Russian aristocracy condensed into one charming green tea that charms with its taste. The Russian upper class during the time of the tsars were known to be big consumers of tea, who enjoyed their tea especially with the delicious quince jam known as the golden apple. Respecting its nuance of taste, this fair trade green tea, which has already become a classic, was created, whose refined taste will make anyone fall in love.

Reilun Kaupan Keisarin Malja is created based on the flavors of rose quince and lychee fruit. They are not actually made inside at all, because orange, papaya and pineapple taste more like quince and lychee when stewed than they do on their own. Lily and peony complete the taste.

The flavor combination reached Russia already in the 1990s, when it very quickly gained fame and honor among Russian tea lovers. Although Russians are more black tea drinkers, the green version of Keisarin Malja has brought a smile to the lips of many black tea drinkers.

The emperor's toast is very healthy thanks to green tea. It contains, for example, L-theanine , which reduces stress and creates a feeling of pleasure. Green tea has also been found to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Fair trade green tea, flavored with passion fruit, stone fruit, pineapple and rose petals.

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