Mango Melon

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Flavours of mango and melon from tropic.

Are you filled to the brim with unimaginative tea flavours? Luckily, this green tea is also filled to the brim, but with the fresh tropical flavours from mango and melon, which are sure to take you far away from everything considered dull. This tremendous tropical treat reminds you of fruit markets, filled with ripe and juicy fruits. 

Melon and mango are individually fresh and delicious fruits, but the combination of these two is simply stunning. In this green tea, you’ll also find petals of a sunflower, which help to bring flowery charm to the drink. By drinking this delicacy you’ll also get to enjoy the many health benefits found in green tea. For example, L-theanine found in green tea is known to reduce stress and to help with cognitive thinking.

Green tea, sunflower petals, natural mango flavour

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