Relaxing Unitee 60g

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A relaxing Unitee is particularly well suited to be enjoyed in the quietest moments of the evening.

Unitee calms the mind and makes it easier to fall asleep. The relaxing Unitee is excellent to enjoy before going to bed. Hauduke makes you forget about the day's work and worries.

The herbal infusion contains herbs that soothe the body and naturally caffeine-free green rooibos. A sophisticated blend of calming chamomile and lavender combined with fresh lemon to soothe the mind and senses.

Have a nice trip to the Høyhensaari!

You won't find caffeine or teenagers in our Unite. So you can drink caffeine-free herbal tea as much as you want without taking your body into overdrive. After Unite, you can go to bed with peace of mind.

Green Rooibos 70%, lemon verbena 8%, lavender 5%, linden flower 5%, licorice root 3%, chamomile 3%, heather 2%, valerian root 2%, natural citrus aroma

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