Northern Lights -Tea

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Nature of Lapland, charming bilberry. Glow of the  northern lights, what a moment so merry.

Northern lights have always been one of the natures most beautiful phenomena. In nordic mythology, northern lights were thought to originate from valkyries’ shimmering armours, as they rode across the northern sky at night. Now you can get this mythical experience from a cup of tea!

Taste combination of bilberry, mint, vanilla, cornflower and marigold come together as a hypnotic mix, which you have to try for yourself! This black tea will make your tastebuds tingle with joy and clear your mind. Black tea has shown cholesterol lowering effects, so enjoying this treat is also an investment to your health. 

Black tea, natural aromas of bilberry, mint, and vanilla. Cornflower- and marigold petals.

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