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Toffee heaven in your cup, calorie-free!

A Piece of toffee is a tasty treat. Unfortunately, it also contains tons of sugar and fat. Luckily, there’s now a healthier alternative: Toffee Tea. Toffee Tea is a completely sugar-free, deliciously sweet, black tea which will satisfy your sweet tooth.

This tea is based on high-quality India-Ceylon black tea. Tea’s delicious toffee taste is from natural toffee aroma and from coconut flakes, which help to highlight toffee’s flavour. Enjoy this tea and find a cure to your sweet tooth, without feeling bad about excess calories. 

Keep in mind, that black tea contains some natural caffeine. For that, this tea is better suited for morning and for day use than as a night’s last tea. From this bag, you’ll stew as much as 6 litres of wonderful Toffee Tea!

Black India-Ceylon, Coconut flakes, natural toffee aroma

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