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A famous Chinese black tea from the region of Anhuin. 

Keemun is a nobility amongst black teas! Grown in China’s Qimen, in a region of Anhuin, Keemun’s taste is a silky smooth combination of exquisite smokiness and fruitiness. It is a taste that needs no further spices!

Keemun was first produced in China, to be exported to Europe in the 19th century. Keemun’s production differs from other black teas with its slower drying and oxidation process. Slower process helps preserving more of the natural flavours compared to other black teas. Oxidation and fermenting are often confused for one another but they are not the same thing. Fermenting always involves some kind of fmicrobial avtivity, whereas oxidation is simply tea leaves' entzymes interacting with oxygen.

Traditionally, Keemun is brewed in a ceremonial Gong Fu way. Ceremony’s idea is to use a large amount of tea leaves and brew them quickly in small amount of water. That process is then repeated with increasing brewing times which results in ever transforming taste. For this method, please look up for our Organic Keemun Kung Fu tea!

This pyramid tea is suited for those who want to enjoy high quality black tea in a convenient way! Our pyramid bags are made from 100% biodegradable natural fibres, so they are easily disposed to the biowaste. No matter if you are a tea enthusiast or just an average Joe craving a good cup of black tea, Organic Keemun guarantees pure enjoyment.  

Organic black tea 100% (China, Anhui)

3dl 90-100°C 1-5 min

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