Liquorice Tea

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Calorie-free eliminator of sweet tooth!

This tea will satisfy every liquorice enthusiast’s cravings, with its real liquorice root! Liquorice powder is added to further enhance this strong black tea’s taste and scent. Our Liquorice Tea has found its way to the cups of young tea drinkers and to the hearts of those who love liquorice in general!

Liquorice root found in this drink is a well studied herb with shown medical qualities. For example, studies have shown that liquorice root helps maintaining healthy weight and enhances metabolism. Other shown health effects of liquorice root are benefits to digestion, immune system and joints to name a few!

PS. Forsman’s Liquorice Tea works as a light dessert and as a healthy calorie free alternative for sugary treats!

India-Ceylon black tea 83%, liquorice root 14%, Liquorice powder 3%


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