Samovar Blend 60 g

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Black tea favourite with a Russian style fruity seasoning!

Russians have always been huge fans of seasoned teas. One element, typical to the Russian taste experience, is quince which brings a deliciously fruity flavour to the drink. We included the taste from this pear-like fruit, also known as golden apple, to achieve authentic Russian taste combination.

Samovar Blend black tea’s recipe contains a fruity mix of pineapple-, papaya- and orange bits. In addition, this black tea has safflower and of course quince, to contribute to the fruity blend, that caresses tastebuds with its soothing taste. 

Black tea is mildly stimulative, due to its natural caffeine content. Oxidation process gives the tea its characteristic taste. Black tea has shown cholesterol lowering effects as well as positive effect on cognitive thinking. 

Black tea, pineapple, papaya, orange, safflowers, natural quince flavour

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