Wild Strawberry Tea

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Taste of summery wild strawberries, despite the season!

Black tea full of strawberries, which’s wild taste sends you straight back to summer! Calorie-free Wild Strawberry Tea is best suited for morning and for day use, thanks to its natural caffeine from black Ceylon tea. 

Wild Strawberry Tea is based on black Ceylon tea. The Tea is seasoned with strawberry bits, wild strawberry oil and rose petals. Rose petals give roundness and flowery taste. Wild strawberry oil adds a wonderful scent to the tea. 

Strawberry’s richness in vitamin C and black tea’s flavonoids, make this combination an excellent aid for fighting flu. Strawberry has shown health benefits for for example to digestion and for lowering cholesterol. 

While stewing, scent of sweet strawberry rises from the steaming hot drink. Black tea balances strawberry’s natural sweetness, creating lovable taste. 

Black India-Ceylon tea, Bits of strawberry, rose petals, natural wild strawberry oil

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