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Unseasoned black tea mellow as honey

Keemun is one of the China’s most popular and famous black teas. It was created in 1800’s, and it soon gained popularity in western countries. Nowadays Keemun is commonly used as a base for many tea blends, but it’s delicious also as it is. Keemun is only produced in the region of Qimen, from which it also gets its name from. Characteristic to the Keemun’s production process is an extra slow drying- and oxidation process, which leaves more flavours to the tea than quicker process would. 

Ready drink is aromatic and silky smooth. It has a slight taste of peach and smoke. Taste evolves during the stewing. At first, the taste is dominated by smoky flavour, but as it rests, it gets surprisingly sweet.

Keemun Kung Fu has been created especially for Chinese Gong-Fu tea ceremony. Don’t be scared of the term! Ceremonial stewing is easy and interesting, and you don’t need any special equipment to try it. Idea of the ceremony is to stew large amount of leaves with little water. For example 2 to 6 tea spoons of leaves for 150 millilitres of water. The tea is stewed for only under a minute before pouring it to the another cup through strainer. The tea is drank and process is repeated with same leaves with longer stewing each time. The taste of the tea evolves incredibly with every stewing. Keemun Kung Fu, enjoyed in a ceremonial way, is an authentic tea experience you should not miss!

Organic Black Tea (China)

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