Organic Keemu pyramid tea

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China's most famous unflavored black tea from Anhui province.

Keemun is the nobility of black teas! Produced in China's Qimen region in Anhui province, the tea tastes like a velvety soft blend of subtle smokiness and nuanced fruitiness.

Keemun was originally produced in China in the 19th century as an export product to Europe. The preparation of Keemun differs from the preparation of other black teas due to the slower preparation process. The leaves are dried and oxidized more slowly than normal, leaving more flavors and aromas in the tea.

Traditionally, Keemun can be prepared using the Gong Fu tea ceremony, where the idea is to use a lot of tea in a small amount of water and brew it quickly. The process is repeated with increasing brewing times, so the flavor lives and changes. For this, you should check out Luomu Keemu's Kung Fu tea!

However, this pyramid tea is suitable for those who want to enjoy great black tea as effortlessly as possible! All our pyramid bags are made of 100% biodegradable natural fiber, so they are easy to throw in the bio waste. Whether you are a tea drinker or just an ordinary tramp in need of black tea, organic Keemun guarantees a taste pleasure!

Organic Chinese Anhui Black Tea 100%

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