Tea brick Yue Zhao de Chan 400 g

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Pu-Erh tea is a famous Chinese post-fermented and usually aged tea quality. Pu-erh is its own kind of tea, that is, it is not black tea as some claim. It has two more qualities of its own: Ripe, or Shou, and raw, or Sheng. This cake is ripe. After picking the leaves, Pu-erh is processed like other teas, but before drying, the tea leaves are pressed into cakes of the desired shape.

At this stage, the cakes are made either cooked or raw: Raw cakes are simply put directly in the warehouse to age, but cooked cakes are heated by frying or steaming. Cooking softens the taste and speeds up fermentation. After processing, the cakes are placed in a special moisture-proof warehouse and allowed to age, usually for several years.

The result is often a very earthy and fruity taste. Unlike the rest of you, pu-erh never gets old, but gets better as it gets older. Pu-erh is sometimes called the wine of the tea world. The rarest and oldest cakes, several decades old, can cost up to tens of thousands of euros!

Pu-erh Yue Zhao de Chan tastes fruity and slightly tarry with vanilla with a hunch. The mouthfeel is thick and warms the body.

A small piece of the tea cake is broken off with a knife or a fork. The recommendation is approx. 3g/2dl or according to taste. First pour a little boiling water over the piece for about 10 seconds and then pour it away. The water rinses and opens the piece and makes the drinkable brews taste softer. Simmer in 100-degree water for 1-5 min by taste. Boil the same leaves many times. Usually the third or fourth brew tastes best.

Pu-erh lowers cholesterol very effectively. Thanks to fermentation, it contains more than usual ingredients that promote stomach and heart function. It gives a feeling of satiety and protects blood vessels. Pu-erh is a popular meditation tea due to its simultaneous calming and stimulating effects.

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