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Toffee heaven in your cup of tea without calories!

Toffee is a mouth-watering flavor at its best. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of sugar and fat. However, now there is an alternative: Toffee tea . Toffee tea is a completely sugar-free, deliciously sweet black tea that creates a feeling of fullness.

This black tea flavor combination is made using high-quality Indian black tea. The tea has toffee grains and coconut flakes that emphasize the taste of toffee. So enjoy black toffee tea "for sweet hunger" without the bad conscience that comes from savoring sweets.

Note that black tea contains a little caffeine, so it should be drunk as a morning or afternoon tea. Such a small tea package of a few euros makes up to six liters of ready-made drink.

Black India-Ceylon, coconut grits, toffee aroma.

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