Golden Yunnan pyramid tea

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Golden Yunnan tea shoots in a bag!

Dive into the picturesque countryside of China, where the Yungling Mountains rise above the clouds, earning the region the name Yunnan - Cloudy South. In the high atmosphere of Yunnan province, a quality of tea grows, whose young golden tip leaves are used to make delicious black tea. The tea's characteristic strength, fullness and mild spiciness pamper its drinker like the sun rising over the mountains, which colors the sky with golden colors.

Imagine a beautiful sunny morning. You've woken up early, but you're in no rush. You sit with a cup of Golden Yunnan and admire the sunrise. The mild caffeine of black tea gently wakes you up. Is there a better way to start the day?

The tea is packed in our pyramid bags, which are made of 100% biodegradable natural fiber. In addition to easy and worry-free disposal, pyramid bags offer plenty of room for the tea to brew and release its flavor into the water.

Chinese Yunnan black tea 100%

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