Organic Keemun Kung Fu 60g

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Honey-gentle black unflavored tea.

Keemun is one of the most popular and famous black teas in China. It was created in the 19th century, and it rose in popularity in Western countries very quickly. It is often used in various blends these days and is excellent on its own. Keemun is produced only in the Qimen region of Anhui province, which is where it got its name from. Keemun production is characterized by particularly slow drying and oxidation, which means that the production is slower, but the flavors and aromas remain better in the leaves.

The finished drink is aromatic and velvety soft. It tastes of a hint of peach and smokiness. The flavor develops with brewing; in the beginning the smokiness wins, but towards the end the tea becomes amazingly sweet!

Keemun Kung Fu is made especially for the Chinese Gong Fu tea ceremony. Don't be intimidated by the term! Ceremonial brewing is very easy and interesting, and you don't need special equipment. The juju of ceremonial brewing is that leaves are used in a very large amount in relation to the water. For example, 5-12 grams, i.e. 2.5-6 teaspoons of leaves, are usually put in a 150 ml pan (or even a Moomin cup), depending on the taste. They are boiled for just a few seconds in 90-100 degree water, poured into another container through a strainer, drunk and repeated for longer. The taste of the tea changes amazingly as the session progresses. Keemu's Kung Fu in ceremony style is an authentic tea experience that should not be missed.

Chinese organic black tea.

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