Organic Mate Naturel 60g

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Organic Mate Naturel is the perfect option for connoisseurs who want to focus on the natural, pure taste of mate in their experience! Organic Mate Naturel contains only and only pure mate from the yerba tree.

Organically grown green mate is especially soft and fresh in the mouth of the drinker. According to many mate drinkers, this is how mate should taste. No fussing with the spices, but trusting that the natural basic flavors of the drink, which has been enjoyed for thousands of years, will take the drinker on an authentic taste journey to South America.

Organic Mate Naturel is suitable for moments when the body needs empowerment and purification. It's great for, for example, the morning after a long party, when the body and mind need a bit of a wake-up call. It's also great for purists who want the most authentic mate experience possible, and prefer to drink from a calabash cup with a bombilla straw.

The product contains only 100% organically grown mate. Mate contains natural caffeine, vitamin C and a huge dose of antioxidants that prevent body oxidation. Mate's antioxidants, minerals, theobromines and vitamins slow down the absorption of caffeine, making the stimulating effect even, without the collapse of power levels typical of coffee.

All our matés come directly from the producer in Brazil without intermediaries. The farm is located in the province of Parana in Brazil, where the yerba trees grow about 700 meters above sea level and the mate is picked fresh.

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