Mate Strawberry-Pomegranate 60g

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Fruity Mate to brighten up your mornings!

The freshly prepared Strawberry Pomegranate Mate combines the natural bitterness of yerba mate with the fruity softness extracted from strawberry and pomegranate oil. Strawberry pieces and rose petals have also been used for flavoring.

The pleasure begins as soon as the leaves are touched by the hot water, when the scent of fruit that tickles the nostrils is released from the bath. The invigorating aroma is followed by the highlight of pleasure, the taste. The added aromas complement Mate's natural fresh taste without overshadowing it. As the aromas caress your taste buds, you will feel how your mind is refreshed and your thoughts become clearer.

Strawberry-Pomegranate Mate is a great way to clarify your thoughts and increase alertness. A cup of Matea is suitable, for example, for a situation where after a long work or study session, the brain feels like porridge and it is difficult to concentrate. The gentler and more even effect of Mate's caffeine helps to raise the state of alertness without, for example, the symptoms of restlessness typical of coffee.

The main raw material of Strawberry-Pomegranate Mate is the leaves of the yerba tree, i.e. Mate itself. The leaves contain plenty of natural caffeine, which improves the drinker's state of alertness. The rich vitamin C content takes care of normal metabolism and promotes the functioning of the nervous system.

Natural strawberry and pomegranate oils, strawberry pieces and rose petals have been added to the mate.

All our mate comes directly from the producer in Brazil without intermediaries. The farm is located in the province of Parana in Brazil, where the yerba trees grow about 700 meters above sea level and the mate is picked fresh.

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